East Bali tour is an our full day tour package we offer to visit tourist destination in eastern part of Bali island. In the east Bali tour also awesome journey to know more about the beauty of Bali islands with is unique social activity life. First journey during east Bali tour is visiting the beautiful goa lawah temple or more known as the bat cave temple located near the beach, the unique in this temple is there a cave where thousand bat hanging up in the cave. Then continue the tour to visit the Tenganan village is the traditional village in east Bali which still used the old traditions, ceremonies and rules of ancient Balinese, and its unique village layout and architecture. The east bali tour continue to visit the Taman Ujung water palace, is beautiful water palace was built by King karangasem for recreation place for royal family and then we will stop at local restaurant for having lunch with Indonesian food, after lunch we will continue the east Bali Tour to visit the last site in this packages is the Tirta Gangga Park is the water palace with beautiful setting and the function was same like ujung water palace is for recreation park for royal family and than drop back to the hotel.
The Gooda Place that we will visit on this Tour - East Bali Tour :
Gua Lawah Temple

Gua Lawah Temple

Gua Lawah Temple is a shrine for Balinese hindu, Pursuant to the papyrus of Dwi Jendra Tattwa  the Goa Lawah's name is Goa Lelawah, the name which is given by Danghyang Nirartha he is a priest overspread the Hindu teaching in Bali, when he stop in this village on his Tirtha Yatra (holy trips). He arrive at a cave which is a lot of bats hang on and its unbroken voice clamor as hymn to add the beauty of the cave. On the above cave is growth by the flower trees with it's smelt fragrance and stimulus the peace mind of Danghyang Nirartha, so that he overnight stay for some nights in this place. From the cave we see also the beautiful coast with the blue ocean with Nusa Penida Island as a backdrop...

Tenganan village

Tenganan village

TENGANAN VILLAGE is located in Manggis Sub-Distrit, Karangasem Regency, east part of Bali, is one of the oldest Balinese Traditional village. Tenganan village It's own very unique local community life pattern which is different with other countryside in plain of Bali and one example of Bali Aga Village cultures (Hindu Prehistoric). Tenganan Village has been appointed as a place for tourist destination which can present the attractive and unique matters which able to add the variation of object and fascination for tourist to come.Tenganan retains its ancient pre Hindu customs through a strong code of non fraternization with outsiders, further enforced by the protection of its surrounding wall...

Ujung Water Palace

Ujung Water Palace

UJUNG WATER PALACE  is a beautiful park with many fish pond surrounds the old Karangasem Empire heritage building which is used by the Karangasem's King for meeting place and day relaxation in their era. It is located in Ujung Countryside around 6 Km from Amlapura town. The Balinese people is called as Taman Soekasada Ujung, On the most tip of the highest level of this complex of Ujung Water Palace, we will find a great statue of "warak" (rhinoceros). Beneath the warak there is a Bull statue. From this high place we will see a marvellous view of sea, hills with lush and green forest, the beauty of Mount Agung combined with the green terraced rice fields. HISTORY OF TAMAN UJUNG WATER PALACE w...

Tirta Gangga Park

Tirta Gangga Park

TIRTA GANGGA PARK is beautiful place in east part of Bali and local people called Tirta Gangga means blessed water and Gangga is ganges or holy river in India. Tirta Gangga park has great views and the climate is relatively cool. These facts, together with the religious rites of the spring, inspired the King to build himself a private country house nearby this spring set amidst a beautiful recreational garden, it's one the famous tourist object on East Tour itinerary.

Full Day Tour - East Bali Tour Price :

Please choose our tour price between Inclusive or Reguler price :

Inclusive Tours Price :

IDR 600.000 per person
Inclusion : Private Car, Petrol, English Speaking Driver, Ticket and Entrance Fee, Meal

Note : Inclusive Tour Price is minimum Booking 2 Persons

Regular Tours Price :

IDR 650.000 ( 1 till 6 person )
IDR 1.100.000 ( 1 till 12 person )
IDR 1.400.000 ( 1 till 17 person )
Inclusion : Private Car, Petrol, English Speaking Driver
Note : Lunch, Ticket and Entrance fee is not include in the price

Full Day Tour - East Bali Tour Itinerary

08:00 - Hotel pick up
09:30 - Gua Lawah Temple
11:00 - Tenganan village
12:00 - Tirta Gangga Park
13:00 - Lunch
15:00 - Ujung Water Palace
16:00 - Back to Hotel
18:00 - Arrive at Hotel

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